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Aspire Properties, LLC  is a real estate investment firm that can buy your home quickly and without hassle and we want to show you how it works. We can help you if your home is subject to foreclosure, insolvency or an estate.

In today’s market, many homeowners must sell their property in order to avoid the repossession, and they need to do so quickly. As a result, the longer the homeowner waits, the greater the consequences the homeowner will face, such a foreclosure, penalties and negative credit.

It doesn’t matter what shape your house is in. For instance, Aspire Properties, LLC  understands that when you lose your job and have a hard time making ends meet it isn’t unusual for the house to become neglected because of financial issues. Aspire Properties, LLC  will buy your house in almost any condition.

In as little as 24 to 48 hours from calling an investor, Aspire Properties, LLC  will contact you to either ask you questions or visit you property. Aspire Properties, LLC  will quickly assess the value of your property and make a cash offer if the property is suitable. It’s as simple as that.

If you have already moved away from the house, we will still consider purchasing it. Occupied property with tenants can be sold, too.

If you live out of the area, the closing of the property can be done by mail, email and fax. You do not need to be physically present. Your attorney can handle this process for you.

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We buy houses in the Kentucky Area. If you live in KY, you stopped at the right place for help. We are currently helping homeowners who have a house that can’t sell, won’t sell, needs repairs or need to sell fast.


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If you would rather sell your home the traditional way you can always visit with our Partner Mary Galus with The Riddell Smith Group at Rector Hayden.